Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New week! January 28, 2013

Hey Everybody,


Alrighty first off, you have no idea how jealous I am of the snow there right now ha I miss it so much. But anyways this week was a lot better than last week for me. Sorry if I sounded down in my last email, I just had to get all the stuff off my chest. This week though was a lot better for us. We didn`t have many new investigators, actually zero news. But we did find the family we have been teaching, they were just on vacation so we will be able to continue teaching them, they just need to start progressing more and fast. And then there is Renè, we had an awesome lesson with him two days ago about the Atonement. Lately he has been really laid back about being baptized and everything and so we have been kind of worried if he is ready and will stay active. But this lesson was awesome, he was so involved and really wanted and desired to be baptized for a remission of his sins. We hope that he is still praying every night, and trying to learn on his own for himself and not just for his wife. But we have an interview scheduled for him on Thursday so I guess we will learn there.


Also this week we had a pretty awesome experience. We were just walking down the road and some guy like did the awkward cough thing to get you to notice them so we turned around and starting talking. He asked us a couple questions and then just asked if we could sit down and talk about Jesus Christ and faith, so we said no and kept walking haha jk. We found a bench and he opened up to us a lot saying that he has four kids has been married for seventeen years and has been out of work for six months. From looking at this guy I thought he was like a pretty well to do guy, definitely not like most jobless people here. We talked to him about the Restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on faith. This guy was awesome he is one of those golden investigators that I`ve heard are walking around down here but have never seen. He said he wanted to talk to us more and wanted us to meet his family. The only problem was he lives in the capital, San Salvador and El Puerto is about an hour and a half from there, so he lives just barely outside our area. We promised him some other missionaries just like us would come and talk to him and help him in whatever way they could. He was crying during this whole time, it was super powerful for us. As we finished we pulled out five dollars and gave it to him and he couldn`t talk. I know he needed us that day and we needed him too. After that my companion was a lot more fired up to work.


Turtle eggs were weird, the shell wasn`t like a chicken egg it was flexible but still a little hard. All they did to cook it was put butter in the pan and heat up the egg for like a minute then to eat it you peel off a piece of the shell and suck everything out so yeah super weird. Basically like crackin open an egg and drinking it out of the shell ha. Wasn`t bad but wasn`t good and no i would not snack on them haha.

The branch down here is still struggling though, attendance yesterday was 40 so not good. But nobody wants to work down here, and they don't want to do anything and just say well many are called but few are chosen. That is their motto down here in el puerto branch and it is probably the dumbest thing ever. ha. And now the active members are saying how boring church is and how they don`t wanna come anymore, one even asked if it`s possible for a branch to disappear...well with that attitude yeah. So some things are definitely still rough down here but we are trying. Some other fun stuff that happened this week was I got my package and ate all the cookies a bag of jerky and the chips already so that was awesome. Thank you so much, still working on ideas for other packages, one thing I actually need is a new tie holder, and some pictures! Also this week we talked to some guys from Israel! That was weird, they were speakin some language I didn`t know and then they asked us if we spoke English so we just talked for a couple minutes, kinda weird but it was fun. And yeah that`s about it I think so I will talk to you guys next week I love you all so much and thank you for the prayers and support, always needed. I hope you all have a great week at home and I will be praying for ya!



Elder Jorgensen

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