Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 4, 2013

What`s up everybody,


Well this week I definitely missed Super Bowl Sunday, I dono if I missed watching the game, commercials, halftime show, or just normal awesome snack food all day long. I think I`m leaning towards the food at this point but it sounds like the game was pretty intense! Listening to your report and everybody else`s sounds like the 49ers shoulda taken it! I wanted them to win but oh well I guess, you all have a good time watchin it though? And the snow the snow finally gettin better there in good ol` Idaho? Hopefully I`m not missing out on too much ha.

Anyways though about my week here in El Salvador. Well I hit 8 months on Wednesday so that was pretty neat I thought, doesn`t really seem like that long but at the same time it seems like longer, weird how that works. Tuesday though I went on exchanges with Elder Dolbin in our area. So that was a little nerve racking for me, I had to plan out our day and then when stuff fell through I had to find something else to do. But it was an awesome day, I learned so much from him during lessons and studying and just everything about being a missionary. I`m not even kidding, he is probably the best missionary in the mission ha me and my comp always ask him for his autograph because we want the autograph of a future apostle haha. Then Wednesday morning me and him went running on the beach, I`ve been here since Dec 5 and we go running like never so that was my second time running on the beach haha. And it killed me.

He also did the interview for Rene, but we are gonna have to wait a few more weeks, I hope this doesn`t discourage him though. So no baptism last weekend but hopefully in a couple weeks we should have at least 2! So things are starting to get better for us here. I didn`t really have too many powerful stories or things happen to me this week but for our district meetings we are now given study subjects to study all week and then we discuss what we learned in District Meeting, so that is like my favorite meeting of the week! I love it and it`s so spiritual and like a boost right in the middle of the week when everything is a little rough. My comp though is starting to get a little more fired up though finally, I think our zone leaders and one of the assistants got through to him this last week so it was kinda awkward at first but now we are super good. We are just working con todo right now so that`s fun, this week our highest step day was like 18,000 and I figured out that the lower the number the better. A higher number means a lot of stuff fell through and we were just looking all day and not teaching. So hopefully that number will be somewhat low from now on haha.

You guys send packages like crazy haha but yeah church music would be awesome, I actually just bought some speakers and a sub haha 30 bucks gets ya good sound down here in latino land but yeah that would be awesome! I do need another watch too, mine broke and we can`t go shopping here really unless it`s an emergency and I don`t wanna buy a crappy one in the street so maybe another walmart watch? Other than that I don`t got much else to say haha except I love you all and I`m praying that everything goes good in work and school for you! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and everything you`ve given me.


Elder Jorgensen

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