Monday, February 18, 2013

Baptism!!! February 18, 2013


Well how is everyone doing! We had a pretty crazy busy week down here in Beach City. I´ll just take you through it day by day cause that will help me think more clearly. On Tuesday we had a multi zone which is what that one other email was, just a picture. But that was awesome, it was all about obedience and loving the work down here. That conference lasted about five hours or so, then we had to take the bus ride back to our area so that was the majority of the day. Then on Wednesday we had to pull out a birth certificate for somebody, so we rode a bus for like an hour and a half, still in our area by the way, and when we got off the bus this old guy fell down and broke his pinky and hit his face. It was all in slow motion but we couldn´t do anything to help him I felt bad, his pinky was messed up, like twisted bent sideways and yeah weird looking. But anyways after that just tried to regain our energy for the day to go out and teach. Then Thursday we had the interview for Rene with the counselor of President Glazier so we got on the bus again for another two hours and finally arrived. Rene scared the crap out of us when he didn´t show up for like an hour, we were starting to have some doubts but he finally showed up and got his interview done. So then we came back to our area and tried to get everything ready to head out for that day. Nothing too spectacular happened besides that stuff, then on Friday we were supposed to have the interview of Angela but the zone leaders showed up too late to do it and her grandma didn´t give her permission anyways so we have to wait on her. But she is so ready! She doesn´t know how ready she is, but she is probably stronger than half the members in this branch already and she hasn´t even been baptized.

So then Saturday finally came! Friday we spent most of the day trying to visit members and investigators, less actives and everyone else to come to Rene´s baptism and it sounded like we were gonna have a ton of people. Then Saturday morning, we showed up to the church at like 8 ish and the baptism was at 9. By 9:15 we were starting to worry when no one had shown up, not even Rene. Then at 9:30 one family from the branch finally showed up. And then at about five minutes to ten Rene and his wife showed up. So we ended up not having many people at the baptism. Anyways we started the service and during the opening hymn him and his wife were kind of crying, and this guy is not emotional at all...ever. We had a few short talks and then my comp walked down into the water with him and baptized him. I was so happy for both of them, Rene for being able to make this decision and Elder Scurr for ending his 14 month drought. This week was probably one of the happiest of my mission.

Now for some other fairly big news. I will be training this next change. President Glazier called last night and told me and Elder Scurr we would both be training, so Elder Scurr will probably open a new area or reopen a closed area and I am for sure staying here in El Puerto. I´m pretty much freaking out right now. I hope that I will be able to be a good trainer and first companion to my ¨son¨, I hope I´ve learned enough from everyone else that I can teach him everything he needs to know to be a successful missionary. I know this will allow me to grow more as a missionary as well. I will have to control every situation and always keep us busy. I´m super nervous and excited, I´m also pretty sure I will have a latino companion but that´s ok my spanish will improve a lot more. So this next week I should have some exciting stuff to report on. Thank you for everything and this week I would greatly appreciate any extra prayers you might be able to throw my way. Hope all is well at home with everybody you are all in my prayers.


Elder Jorgensen

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