Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

What´s up everybody!


So this week was much better for us! Started out last Tuesday when we had some of our most powerful members from the branch leave with us for the afternoon and they took us to some of their family and some less actives. It was awesome to see how excited they were to go out and work with us and teach. They are amazing teachers, I was pretty impressed with them. So that was good to get some new investigators with them, we ended up with twelve new ones this week which is really good for us especially in this area! Also I have some good news about baptisms that are coming up. The familia we were teaching got whittled down to just the oldest daughter, but she should get baptized this next Saturday. She is super powerful too, she started going to seminary in the church, and they changed the schedule so she could continue to come every day. We are excited for her and then there is also Rene, and he can posibly get baptized this next Saturday as well! We have a multi zone meeting with President tomorrow so we are gonna bring him so President can interview him and hopefully pass him. So we could break my companions 14 month cold streak on the baptisms. Also we have a couple others that are super powerful that have a date for the first weekend in March. Their names are Vanesa and David. Vanesa is the wife, we hope, of a less active member who is 28, and she is pregnant right now (18 years old). Then David is a friend of both of them. I love going to teach them because they actually do what we ask them to do! We give them a chapter to read and they read it and then have questions but then they answer their own questions, it´s awesome!!!!


So we are starting our last week in this change. This change was only five weeks because of the age change we are getting a ton of new missionaries, about 40 when normally it´s like 15 to 20 max. But my comp is starting to pick it up again, just took forever it kinda feels like and it makes me feel super baggy and feel like I´ll never finish my mission haha. But it is getting better. I don´t think we will be together for another change but we both might stay in the area and it will get split, so we´re still waiting for that news. Um what else happened this week..I finished 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon in Spanish so only a little bit more and I´ll have ´er done! I really haven´t studied language at all, just reading the BOM so my comp is pretty suprised about that, but I definitely need to study more just to be able to talk more smoothly without thinking so much about sentence structure and all that haha. I love studying the scriptures though, really studying. It´s awesome to feel the spirit when you read but when you actually study the scriptures and search for answers or things to help you out, the spirit is so much more powerful and I actually feel enlightened and inspired it´s awesome!! So I challenge you not to only read your scriptures but study with a purpose, with a question, with something in mind you want to understand better, and you will be so much more edified by your studying.


So pretty much besides that, not much else to report on. I have started stretching though! I figure there is no way I can really work out on my mish and see improvement or anything but there is a posibility I could touch my toes! So we´ll see how that goes. Oh i thought about another thing for a package, FIG NEWTONS i dono why but I have a huge craving for those right now haha. Other than that though...I dono.   But hey if you could tell Bro Cornelison and Bro Neuerberg thank you for me for everything they did for me when I was there that would be awesome. I´ve been thinking about that a lot lately, I never let them know how much I appreciated them and everything they did. That´s too bad about Taylor, I hope he can stay motivated to go back out. Tell him to write me though if you see him! It´d be awesome to get a letter from him. Other than that I love you all so much. Now have a great week, and be an example that someone else can look up to!!!


Elder Jorgensen

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