Monday, February 25, 2013

Week one as a we go! February 25, 2013

Well how is everyone doing?! I`m doing pretty good down here in El Salvador, trying to take it one day at a time as a trainer. Definitely praying even harder now. My new comp is Elder De La Cruz, from the cross haha, he is from Argentina so he has a little bit of an accent so that makes it a little tough at times with the Spanish and all but it will just make me better right? Well this last week was really good for us, I feel like I`ve grown a lot already and I`m excited to see what`s in store these next eleven weeks. This week we had a few lessons fall, so we spent a lot of time looking for those new chosen investigators. We had some good experiences and definitely walked a lot, I think our biggest day was thirteen miles. Not too many new ones but we are confident the Lord is preparing to put those people in our path this week.

 One thing we are really trying to do now is find where all the less actives live here and start reactivating them! We did find one awesome family last week, and we are setting up a family home evening with them this week so that`s exciting for us too. I love being able to find some type of activity to do, because we need to be able to have some fun. We have the help of the Second Counselor from the branch though, he is probably the strongest member in the branch and wants to start working with us a lot more often so that`s awesome.

Also good news this week, we will have another baptism on Saturday! This last Thursday we went to Angela`s house and talked to the Grandma for about an hour and a half and... got nowhere. I was starting to get a little frustrated with her because she kept saying conflicting stuff and we were just making no progress, finally I was able to talk to Angela a little bit in front of the grandma and just asked questions about how she feels about the church. She answered all the questions perfectly, and then I asked if she wanted to be part of the church, and she said yes. The grandma finally said she would support her in whatever decision she makes and will help her be able to always go to church, that`s perfect! Ha so after that lesson I was super happy. Then I got nervous all over again about how to find new investigators but I know the Lord will help me.

 A little more about my comp, well not much to report on yet but I can tell you we don`t have much in common, at all. But I will keep a good attitude. He likes to draw, plays a little bit of soccer. But yeah so we`ll see how it all goes. Also I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish this morning and had an awesome experience. Just really realizing how much the Book of Mormon will help me in EVERY aspect of my life. Sorry I gotta go now, but I love you all and I pray for you always, and remember the Savior is always there for you to help you with every challenge you face.


Elder Jorgensen

 P.S. This mission is going to be split at the end of June, I`ll tell ya more about that next week.

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