Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! December 31, 2012

Buenas Tardes from El Salvador! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! My week here was great. Probably the best week of the mish cause I got to talk to you guys! That was awesome to see your faces and hear your voices, now just five more months until next time, we can make it haha. That day really was the highlight of my week though. Monday night we went and had four Christmas Eve dinners so that was rough, then Christmas day we were at the member´s house just chattin it up. After that we went out and tried to find stuff to do but everyone was inside with their families not really wanting a whole lot from us. But the rest of the week was really good too. We went to the temple on Thursday! That was a great trip. I´m so lucky to have a temple in my mission. We get to go around Mother´s Day and Christmas and when we go home, so I´ll get to go a couple more times and experience it in Spanish ha.

So really our only full days of work were Friday and Saturday and Saturday we had a branch "activity", I don´t quite call it an activity because almost no one showed up and there wasn´t really much to do. We just played basketball with the kids in the ward for like an hour or so. I was so freakin sweaty, like I jumped in a pool, nasty. Anyways so that took up our afternoon kinda and then just had a few lessons at night on Saturday. So this week was kinda a rough week for us numbers wise, but it was a crazy week for us. I kinda feel like we have been doggin it though a little bit, we need to pick it up this next week and find those golden investigators that I keep hearing exist but haven´t seen.

Sounds like Christmas was nice though, besides the freezing cold part. But hey no complaining alright? You all get to go snowboarding and skiing! Sorry I got another lame letter but that´s because I just told you guys everything. Still getting the language down ha. How did I sound on the computer, Mexican? haha getting there right. Still reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I´m still in Alma haha, I wanna finish it before I´m twenty, I should be able to do it easily, just gotta do it ha. Hey some chapters if you guys wanna read that I really like are Alma 35 through like 42 haha so that should keep you pretty busy if you have any freetime. My New Years is gonna be kinda like Christmas it sounds like, just a ton of fireworks and people going nuts so we´ll see how that goes. Other than that...don´t got much, so hopefully next week I will have more to say. I love you all friends and family!!!


Elder Jorgensen

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