Monday, January 21, 2013

Another week...not much success

Well how is it going everybody? We had a super fast week in El Puerto this week. With not a whole lot to report on sadly. Our investigators are just kinda all over the place. The  family we have been teaching basically since i got here and they have never not been home, but this last week they were never home and they haven`t been to church in the last two Sundays so that is not so good. But I do have some good news to report on, the husband of the relief society president is doing awesome! He hasn`t drank or smoked since New Year`s so if he keeps it up he should be able to get baptized on February second like he planned. But he is going in for surgery today so we don`t know for sure if that will hold him up or not so we`re just waiting that one out.
Still just trying to keep the work going in down here. Sometimes it`s kinda tough for us, not really me but definitely my comp. Everyday he is slow to do everything and I think it has something to do with how his mission has been and him having only five months left basically makes him pretty excited to go home. I`m kinda hoping for a younger missionary the next change or just someone who is more excited about the work because it is hard for me to stay focussed too when he doesn`t want to do anything or just talks about going home. So we`re really trying to stay focussed and I`m trying to help him stay motivated and myself as well. So if anyone has some ideas they would be greatly appreciated haha. I`m still loving the Book of Mormon though, I`m now in Third Nephi in Spanish so I`m getting close to being done and it`s been awesome. And I`m studying in PMG everyday day now and I can definitely see the change it`s had in me.
So that was basically our week. Um a cool experience I had was last Sunday I gave a talk in church just like right on the spot they told us we were talking. So I decided to talk about the Book of Mormon and the role it is in our conversion and after the meeting one of the counselors came up and told me that I answered doubts that a family in the branch had. That was really cool to me to see the Lord working through me to help others and to answer their prayers, so that was neat. Also last night was fun, we were at an investigators house and I ate the weirdest thing in my life, turtle eggs. First of all they are illegal so don`t eat them haha but the way they cooked em was leave them in the shell and just heat em up a lil bit on the stove then peel the top of the shell off and suck out all the yolk and all that crap haha it was weird. And they squirt lime juice on and sprinkle salt and put some salsa on it so yeah it was weird haha. Sorry I haven`t sent some pics in a few weeks I keep forgetting the cord and I did once again today so next week you will get pictures of that fun thing and our trip to the volcano we took today so that was pretty sweet. I`ll talk more about it when I send pictures though.
I`m sorry my letter home isn`t that great this week, trust me I wish I had somethin better to say too, but next week for sure! Sounds like Mom is super busy though and everyone else too. But keep it up and know that I`m praying for ya! I love you all!
Elder Jorgensen

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