Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7, 2013

Wow what a fast week this was. This was a tough week kind of for us but I feel like I am growing and pushing myself a lot more in this area, and that is what the Lord needs me to do. I´m excited to be out here doing this marvelous work. So this week started out with New Years! Pretty sweet down here for New Year´s, they did even more fireworks so that was cool until about 12:30 then I got mad cause I couldn´t sleep, they finally stopped at three in the morning. Then apparently everyone and their dog goes to the beach here in El Salvador so it was nuts on Tuesday! So many people and none were too willing to talk to us that day. But we did find some gringos from Louisiana that we talked to for a while. It was cool to talk to them but hard to talk about the Gospel in English haha. We kinda cleared up some of the questions and misconseptions they have about the church and then tried to leave them with somethtng powerful to think about. So that was cool talking to them, I think they really liked us cause they invited us to go surfing with them that day, dangit ha.

 Most of our week though was just spent walking. We couldn´t find a ton of lessons and our investigators are still having some problems just exercising their faith. We cannot grow in the church and our testimonies without acting and doing the things we should. So that was kinda frustrating to see that and to teach clearly to them and have them not understand. For example on Saturday we taught this family all about the Sacrament and baptism and the Atonement, then when we told them exactly why we go to church and asked them if they understood and they were just like ¨you know to hear the word of God and stuff¨ didn´t say anything about the Sacrament...frustrating. Some good news though. The husband of the relief society president has decided to really commit to church. On Saturday during the day he went to the temple with his wife and felt the Spirit very strongly there and then that night we had a powerful lesson with him about Eternal Families. At the end of the lesson he set his own baptismal date for the first Saturday of February because he wants to be sure he can go without smoking and drinking again. I´m pretty stoked for him to enter the waters of baptism, this branch needs more Priesthood and good hardworking men.

This upcoming week we are going to have interviews with President Glazier, every three months or so we have interviews with him. This will be my second one so I´m pretty excited for it. He always has the Spirit and is so powerful, he fires me up. I´ve been able to feel all of your prayers this past week, thank you so much for your support and prayers, they keep me going. I love you all so much and am sending prayers your way as well.


Que Dios les bendiga!!!!



Elder Jorgensen

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