Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 30, 2012

HEY EVERYBODY!! Ok first off i found the ipod haha it was in the last
pocket i checked so that was good it looked like the party was a
success the pictures looked sweet and everyone was lookin like they
were havin a good time from what i could see ha I bought some regular
stamps cause thats all we need til we get to the field then i need to
buy international stamps. today a market came and i bought two ties
and some sick scripture cases cant wait for them to get here.
I have been more hungry but i havent lost any weight yet and im not
workin out as good either. I dono what i want in a package ha. We are
pretty safe i think. we heard gunshots our first night here but nothin
since then, i guess there has been two earthquakes both of em were 5
point somethins so i dono not too big. glad to hear josh is doin
better too. hopefully he doesnt get sick again sorry the email will
not be organized at all this time my bad not enough time haha. im just
gonna reply to different emails probably.

Emails are great! handwritten are even better!! haha thank you so much
for the prayers dad! Sounds like you need to take a long break and not
do anything but watch movies so hopefully thats what you can do on the
fourth or since the weather has been so crappy outside. The weather is
beautiful here about 85 im guessing? but humidity is ridiculous!! And
we had our first rain storm finally, it was two days ago on Thursday we
had hail wind thunder lightning like crazy and hardest rain ive ever
seen and the rain drops are huge! But the highway right next to us was
like a creek. Like 6 inches deep of water just flowin down the road
and garbage and debris from buildings was just bein swept down the
road it was pretty sweet to see wish i had my camera! The spanish is
comin a long really good i think speakin is still kinda rough but i
can understand almost everything the maestros tell us so thats good
until they start speakin normal speed for them then i miss a phrase
and im lost haha there is a lot of stupid rules in this language that
dont make any sense haha. hopefully the truck is goin good and trevor
wants it and can buy it and hopefully ill get a letter from him and
braxton have you heard from him? i havent gotten a letter back yet but
oh well i guess. The companion is still really great we go really well
together so hopefully my trainer in the field will be just as good! im
gonna try to read some other emails now.

im sorry i wasnt at your big party brandi happy late birthday as i
forgot to write that last week im so glad it was as big as you wanted!
sounds pretty sweet! i cant tell you everything thats goin on
in this email to you but hopefully you can read all the others and
help  mom crop them or do whatever to help them make sense i love you!!

Ok last little bit of stuff hopefully probably no punctuation trying
to type fast ha ha this week ive been studying a ton and stuff trying
to learn as much as possible. I read the first 90 sections of D&C and
im in mosiah in the book of mormon and im in chapter 3 of first nephi
in my spanish scriptures WOOT WOOT haha. No really fantastic news here
just tryin to get through every day ha its already been a month and i
think it went by pretty fast so thats good haha. we taught or spoke to
more people at the temple this week and it was cool just did a lot of
normal conversation so that is awesome and now they are cutting me
three minutes short im so soory i love you soooo much and miss you!!!

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