Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 28, 2012

Hello Everyone!!! I cant believe it my time in the MTC is finally over!! i'm so excited haha its gonna be awesome to be out in the field everyone please pray for me to have a good trainer im gettin nervous about that part haha. This week has been awesome though i finally got the package mom and i got to go on a field trip to pick it up so basically i got two city tours just no wendys this time dang it... but it was good thank you so much for everything in it.  they opened up one of the pringles so i didnt eat those but everything else is getting eaten quick haha. they said from now on to put elder on it but im still not sure so well just see what we should do. i dont have my new address yet but i think mondays are gonna be my pdays so hopefully another email will be comin this monday ha. This week has gone by fast which is awesome. we went proselyting again and placed three books of mormon and got five contacts so that was pretty sweet and then went to the temple again no power outages this time haha. The only thing i can really think of that stands out is everyday we play volleyball for sports so i love that haha and its concrete so i can block just about everything, some people don't really like when i play hard but i don't care hahaha. oh other good news i guess our mission president takes us to the beach and we get to play volleyball or soccer on the beach a couple times in our mission so thats like sick!! Still haven't gotten any letters or emails from friends back home so what the crap guys! The spanish is kinda at a stand still and i feel like im forgetting some words that i should know but i dono maybe im just trying to do to much stuff at once in my head. Anyways though im doin great here and am way excited to get out to the field and spread Gods word! And it sounds like everyone at home is doing good dad and mom are busy at work, brandi with work and cross country but getting a break very soon for a couple weeks that'll be nice i'm sure and she gets to go to lagoon with the cousins! very nice! the weather has finally turned around apparently if the pool is above 80 degrees i know its hot there haha so hopefully you all can enjoy that cause i know your all very busy so make time for it! And it sounds like home is getting a lot of changes in the city well maybe not but it will seem like it by the time i get home haha.

hopefully i got enough in for you guys i dont really have a reading assignment this week but if ya wanna read the gospel of jesus christ 2 nephi 31 ha go for it its really good! But i love you all so much and just think its already been two months just day by day that's how i'm doing it ha but i think about you always and you are in all of my prayers. Stay strong in the faith. i love you all so much and can't wait to chat from el salvador!!! Adios mi familia y amigos!!

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