Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

Well how the heck are ya?! Just another regular week here in Guatemala rainstorms, earthquake during a lesson, power went out at the temple twice, ate some horse meat just same old same old ha. But the earthquake was awesome just right in the middle of our lesson and our legs started shakin then it went up through our whole bodies and there was a plant sittin next to us on the table that started shakin it was sweet haha. The temple was sweet it was right in the middle of our session and everything just went pitch black and then we only had sound but after like ten minutes they got everything goin again but it made it pretty obvious we are in a third world country ha-ha. I cant
believe it only four more real class days left here then we do different training stuff i'm so excited to leave, this place can make ya go crazy haha. I did get the pictures mom so thank you for that and
i got a package from grandma evie and there was 4 twinkies and some jerky sticks...i love twinkies we just need to figure out how to ship em frozen and then i would be in heaven haha jk, but no other package yet from you guys. I got a letter from Nate and some pictures from him too that was so awesome to hear from him and he's got some baptisms now so that's awesome he has worked way hard for them so i'm happy and i think he got transfered too but i'm not sure. ill be lookin forward to the letter from Andrew i'm not sure what the address will be in el salvador they don't tell us anything ha. But another address i want is austin madsen so keep your eyes open and maybe ask andrews mom for that or somethin but anyways the language is still goin good tryin to learn just normal words i would use everyday and its hard but were gettin there. Patience, patience, patience thats all i've read about in the scriptures this week and i haven't been lookin for it they just pop out at me ha kinda neat how the Lord knows all of us so well and knows exactly what we need when we need it! Um other than that there isn't much to report on oh i remembered another thing i want, they gave us a
workout band in provo but i seemed to have misplaced the stupid thing so if you wanna make another trip to walmart cause you havent been there in ten minutes that would be great hahaha i thought that was a funny joke. But i really do want that. Other than that any type of granola bar anything that looks like food i'll eat it ha. This next week we get to go proselyting with our own companion so me and elder gates so well probably just be a couple a studs out there chattin it up doin the lords work like we are professionals but we will be because we have the spirit of the holy ghost with us. Hopefully we can make some good contacts. And we get to go to the temple this week again too and its really rare to go two weeks in a row so that's cool the temple here is beautiful its just VERY small. Everything at home sounds like its goin good nice warm weather, stayin busy at work, gettin new decks Im way excited to hear all the new music in the truck and car, i probably wont even come in the house ill just sit and listen to music for like a week straight haha. And it sounds like brandi is gettin to have a good time its cool you got to talk to my friends cause i haven't!! Tell them to email or take some international stamps to their houses and slap em around a bit ha come on people! But keep havin fun sounds like its a quick summer like normal and believe me its goin by way faster here ha its crazy and mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you're right only one more b-day and then i'll be there
to celebrate with ya. I learned that el salvador is definitely hotter in el salvador and a little more humid too, so i will probably sweat like 10 to 20 gallons a day so no big deal. haha but that is a good
idea mom to give em somethin or a couple families things i was thinkin buyin ties or pictures you can buy sick ties here for like 3 bucks its awesome but i love you all so much and i miss you and pray for you always. always remember to read your scriptures everyday and look for the stories in there and it will be your favorite book ever!! I'm so grateful for this oportunidad to serve my mission and change my life forever and hopefully many others as well! I love you and God be with you til we meet again! Love, Elder Jorgensen

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