Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14, 2012

Hola familia! This week was awesome! We had our city tour on Monday so we got on the bus which was a hundred quetzals or however you spell it (about 12 bucks or so) and started driving down the highway and people here drive nuts and the lanes are not nearly wide enough.  ha ha. while we were driving there was another bus that passed us and broke off the mirrors on our bus, I could've  reached two inches outside our bus and been in the other bus its crazy. The first stop on our tour was this big 3-D layout of Guatemala, Southern Mexico, Honduras and tiny part of El Salvador, it had like mountains lakes oceans rivers everything mapped out on it, then our MTC president described it to us and we started talking about the Book of Mormon and how its possible it played out here.   It's pretty crazy how similar everything is I tried to take pictures but they didn't turn out good just cause it was weird angles and everything so I ended up deleting them. Then while we were walking back we saw a private school of elementary kids and we started talking to them. they were so sweet we walked by and they held out their hands for high fives knuckles and peace signs. They were also learning English so they would introduce themselves in English it was cool.  way sweet experience for all of us! Then after that we went to the market which was the sweetest market ever! We got dropped off on the side of the road (like six lane road so not many cars) ha ha and then just started walking on the sidewalk. We started to get into like all the little necklaces and stuff like that and then there was some food but they told us not to buy any of it but it smelled good except for plantains which are a banana mixed with a potato and fried - they suck ha-ha supposedly they're supposed to keep you from getting sick and be one of the best snacks ever, I can get like two down then I'm like nah go ahead you can eat em ha. but anyways kept walking down the sidewalk and started seeing some cooler stuff, soccer jerseys and everything and then we saw like a pet store set up on the sidewalk and they had some sweet dogs ha-ha and they were only like 60 bucks. we were trying to figure out how to get one on the bus and feed it here at the mtc and then the president came ha whoops. but he said we haven't even gotten to the market yet and we were like are you serious so he led us down to like a basement of what looked like a little building but it wasn't it was massive there was two floors below like street level and a ton of little stores with everything you can think of. we found some cool stuff that we thought about buying but I was like I still have two years to get some sweet stuff so we all just looked.  And then we went to the food court and just sat and freakin good ha-ha made me starving. But after like two hours of walking around the market we went to wait for it .....WENDYS holy crap I almost cried. ha-ha I walked up and was like numero tres grande con cocino por favor con la coca cola ha-ha very sweet. I had a triple bacon cheeseburger and a large fry and coke and it was the best thing ever, and I almost got full too so that was pretty neat ha-ha. There was like 40 of us there or something and it was crazy, other Latinos would come in and just yell hola gringos and leave ha pretty funny and then after that we went to like some of their capital buildings and I took pictures there so ill send those home sometime ha sorry they already took our cameras back. Lo siento. but anyways I also went on splits for a day with Elder Roach from Indiana he is in our district but that was fun too ha. Um.. we are now teaching a few 45 minute lessons and that's about it, everything else is same old same old I love you all and I miss you so much!!!! ADIOS!!

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