Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012 Guatemala MTC

Hello everyone! The MTC here is pretty cool I still miss the Provo one
though ha just all the people there made it a good time. My companion
is pretty sweet and so are the other kids in my district and then we
have three hermanas too. The food here is pretty freakin good but its
not all you can eat ha today i had a dragon was like a spiky
shell and then the inside was basically like a grape with a huge nut
in the middle and it didnt taste too weird so thats good haha. I have
seen Hermana Flake Joshs girlfriend so we just talked a little bit.
The biggest thing that has happened so far is we got to go and just
walk around the temple grounds and talk to members there. Well me and
my companion found a guy sitting in a van just behind the temple and
we waved and stuff then just walked on past, my companion got a
feeling we should go back and so we did we introduced ourselves and
everything and talked to him about our church. He was way nice we just
couldnt understand anything he said back to us hahaha. Before we left
we asked if he had a Book of Mormon and he said he didnt so I
explained what it was and what it could do for him and his family and
he seemed interested so we gave him one of our Book of Mormons the one
that we were given at the Provo MTC (I didnt give him mine though
haha) but it was freakin awesome! Im trying to think of everything
else thatis goin my address is whichever one you found in the
book, I dont have a box number or anything. There is like 110 of us
here or somethin like that and its the most they have ever had haha.
My old companion isnt even in my zone anymore and Im not too upset
about it. Ha. And the Spanish is I dono kinda at a stand still I
memorized the first vision back in Provo in Spanish but thats the the
only cool thing I know haha. The humidity here is freakin ridiculous!!
Ha I didnt think it would be this bad but geez..After gym is the worst
cause we take ice cold showers like it takes your breath its so cold
then you feel all cooled off  and get out and dry yourself then you
start sweating again it makes no sense to me whatsoever haha. And then
the MTC is right next to the highway and cause its so hot we leave the
windows open but we get the noise which kinda sucks.. a lot haha. Im
so glad I got to call home and talk to you for so long we got pretty
lucky cause some people didnt try as hard as me to call home ha. Im
just trying not to think about the next time I get to hear your voices
cause I know it will be a while. But its good to hear things at home
are still good the weather gettin nicer yet? And everyone still sounds
busy but make time for family time I miss you all so much!!!! And
thank you mom for the addresses.. we figured out how long it will
probably take to send a letter receive it and then rather
not say how long its gonna take kinda depressing ha. But i love you
all so much!! And miss you! Youre all in my prayers. I know im
spelling things wrong i cant find the apostrophe on this freakin
keyboard. But yeah the mtc is fine but i just wanna get in the field i
think time will go by faster and i will learn more there. Thank you
for the prayers though and keep em comin! ha I love you all once again
ha. Oh sorry some bad news I think the ipod got left in provo so im
gonna send a letter there with like ten bucks for them to send it back
for me cause im pretty sure its there...hopin anyways. Oh and i cant
take pics here! They take our cameras cause i guess theyve had
problems with some latinos taking stuff our roommates are nice though.
K i need to finish up i love you all so much and God be with you til
we meet again!

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