Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012 - I'm doing better!

HOLY CRAP what a week haha. Um I don't even know where to start but I'll do my best to go in order haha. June 6 we taught lesson 3 to our investigator Sergio and these are half hour lessons in complete Spanish might I add. Anyways we started if off just talkin to him about his day and stuff like that then when it came to the lesson I did all the talking in Spanish for like fifteen minutes straight, kinda left my companion out and whenever he tried to talk Sergio basically told him to shut up haha. That experience was such a testimony builder for me because I know you all are praying for me every day. The language is still way rough but the other kids in my district are all still doing pretty good with it and they all decided on like awards for the language for the mvp, most improved and stuff like that and I got most improved haha. Pretty sweet I thought, I gave a prayer and that was like the first time I really spoke solo in Spanish to the whole class and they were all just like holy cow dude where did that come from! So I am doing much better now. We also taught a member of the branch presidency yesterday in Spanish for like four minutes and we dommed ha we got more out there than we did in our first two sessions, massive confidence booster haha. I did get a package from you mom with chips and queso dip and a couple other things and also got a package from Chelsea this week! Guess what it had in it..TWINKIES!! Made my day haha she also put a ton of other stuff in there I'm drinkin the Peach Mango Fuze right now and its muy delicioso. Another exciting thing that happened this week was me and my compaƱero (yeah dad I figured out the Spanish tricks on the keyboard) haha but anyways we got to go on a field trip to the police station with some other kids goin to El Salvador. There was a Tongan in the group and he was hilarious and I met another sweet kid I can't remember his name but he was best friends with Callin Milton when Callin lived in Las Vegas so that was awesome, but I dono if he can go anymore. Cause we went to the police station for background checks and he had some assault charge for beatin some kid up at BYU ha-ha awesome story but if he can't go cause of that I'm gonna be a really mad! So fingers crossed there. Let's see more news about the companion, he hasn't watched the super bowl in about five years so that about tells ya everything you need to know about him ha we are just not alike at all. We don´t fight or disagree or anything like that we just don't ever talk and he never wants to wait for anyone else in the district to go do anything so it's always just me and him so that also makes me angry. The one good thing is I'm learning patience and charity just like we're supposed to and just like what last nights fireside was about, that and working hard even though a mission is the hardest thing most of us have done yet, I felt like he was talkin to me during his whole talk. But I also got my companion to go to the choir practice yesterday so that was fun and they just sing on Tuesdays during the awesome firesides ha. But bad news my roommate is still sick, worse news he got my companion sick, horrible news I am now sick. I just have a sore throat and a little cough and way runny and stuffy nose so it's just more annoying than anything. But I'm takin all the meds and vitamins and crap so hopefully it's gone soon before I go to Guatemala next Tuesday!!  We will  arrive Wednesday morning in Guatemala City, I'd like to quote a song that I think would be funny but just ask Brandi about no sleep by wiz kahlifa haha. Um they said we pay for our luggage so make sure there is money on my debit card please. And let's see last few things... I saw Ian, Aaron, Landon, Austin Madsen, Austin Christensen, and Schyler again. I got pictures with Ian before he left today ( at 4:30 this morning) so that was good and pics with Aaron and Austin Christensen. Austin Madsen said tagalog is freakin hard and he's havin a rough time with it but he says he's enjoyin everything and he has a sweet companion so I don't feel too bad for him haha. And mom companion means companion, yes we sleep in the same room and are together 24-7, he needs to go to the bathroom I need to go to the bathroom. I have been gettin letters from people but not enough from friends so if you are reading this you better write me! If not, Mom go beat em up! I forgot to bring addresses with me so I'm savin all the ones I get but I can't send one out to people so please find addresses of anyone you think I would wanna write and send em to me. P day is the only day we get to write home our schedules go like this: 6:30 wake up and exercise til 7:20 ish come back shower, dress breakfast at 8:20 then class at 8:50 to 11:50, then personal study for an hour, then lunch, then language study for an hour, then another three hour class which is either class or teaching investigators, then dinner, then three hours of personal and companionship study time, then planning session. We leave our room at 8:10 ish usually and get back at about 9:35 so yeah it's a long day, then it's read letter time or push up contest. (I'm the champ right now with 94 straight pushups without falling or taking a break, record is 124 but not going all the way down so I'll see what I can do there haha. But yeah EXTREMELY busy days that are way long and go by way fast. Sounds like the yard is coming along great and fast, that's awesome! Brandi I can't believe you're getting a sixteenth birthday with a dj and catering!! I watched a movie for my sixteenth bday I think so WOW! But I'm so sad I can't be there. I loved all your letters I got, they made me start ballin haha but it's all good. I love you all and I miss everyone like crazy! Get everyone to write me!
Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es verdadera, yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta, yo so que familias son eterna, yo se que el libro de Mormon es verdadero, y Jesucristo es un hijo de Dios y el Salvador de los todos personas en la tierra. Yo se que el evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero, en el nombre de Jesucristo Amen.

I went 25 minutes over my allotted time to do this email haha fun fact for ya!

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