Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012

Como le va Idaho!!

Wow already a week down at the MTC and what a week it has been. They keep you so freakin busy here it's nuts! We get up at 6:30 leave by about 7:20 and don't get back to our residence until 9:30 at night. I had no idea they were so strict about everything. One day we got done with class and decided to go to our residence to do personal study cause we didn't know about that rule so we got there at like 7 ish and they got pretty angry with us. Let's see in my district people are goin to Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, and I think that's it, same with the zone. There is only three of us going to El Salvador out of the twenty or so in our zone. My companion. ok his name is Elder Josh Vaughan and he is from the Seattle Washington area. He attended Utah State last year so that was kinda weird but I had never seen him before. He is pretty quiet and won't tell me very much about himself I always try to ask what he's into and stuff like that but he doesn't really say anything. I know he doesn't really care for football so big red flag there haha.  He is better at Spanish than me so I feel bad cause I feel like he gets a lot of pressure put on him to make our lessons make sense. But I'm workin on it! Most if not all the elders have at least two years of Spanish under their belt so I'm way behind. Plus I only learned how to take tests so I can recognize what something says when I see it but when I hear someone else say it I almost always have no idea what's going on. For instance our "investigator" Sergio (pretty sure he is an RM from Argentinia) speaks so freakin fast it's ridiculous! I don't have a clue what's goin on in our lesson until I read my couple lines. So I can read my stuff really good haha. My roomates are pretty cool one is from Utah and he likes country music so big plus there haha, he asked what I was into so I said some stuff then I said mudding, and he was like what's mudding?...are you kidding me!? haha but he's a cool kid. The other one is from California, I thought he was pretty cool at first but now I'm startin to see he's kinda a know-it-all or thinks he knows everything anyways and it annoys me bigtime. But last night he got sick so we're praying for him. Which reminds me I'm saying almost my whole prayer in spanish now. They're pretty simple prayers but I'm trying to add words to my vocabulary. It is a slow process, especially for me. Everyone else seems way far ahead of me and most don't use notes in their lessons. I'm in awe of them haha. Today we went to the temple and did a session it was pretty neat to see the inside of the circular Provo Temple. They have a huge dressing room just for missionaries so that was kinda weird. Yesterday we did our temple walk so we just walked around the outside of the temple for an hour and we took pictures...sorry mom I forgot my camera in my room so pictures next week hopefully. Let's see oh I've seen Elder Aaron Potter, Elder Ian Johnson, Elder Schyler Odum, Elder Austin Christensen, Elder Landon Thompson, Elder Drew Benson, and Elder Drake Anderson. All of those people except Drake and Aaron live in one building on one floor!! How the crap did they do that?! Hopefully I can get some pictures with them next week on our temple walk cause we all have it at the same time.

This is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I would rather do Coach Owen's two a days like four times a day than this haha Spanish is so hard for me! And so is being away from all my family and friends, I figured it would be like college kinda and I was wrong haha. I want to pick up a phone and call home like every five minutes cause I miss you all so much! I've cried every night to my Heavenly Father to give me strength to not be homesick and to calm down and let myself feel the spirit and so far I have not been blessed with those haha. I'm working very hard to have a positive attitude always. I'm verrrryyyy jealous of Nate and Ian all of a sudden for being in the states. I think I would be a ton less stressed if I was serving in the states but I am excited to get to El Salvador I just wish I knew the language, patience is still an attribute I'm working at and trying to obtain. Sounds like home is home though I wish I was there to help dad with the yard and everything and see Brandi's massive sweet sixteen party cause I know that will be crazy...and way loud! Haha I miss seeing everyone so if you are praying for me, which you better be doing or I will beat you, pray for me to have patience and to not be as homesick because it has been extremely hard for me to let everything and everyone go for two years. I'm trying to love the work and I'm not there yet. So please keep me in your prayers and you all will always be in mine!

Hasta luega mi familia y amigos!!

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