Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Well here I am three days away from one year in my mission. I can´t believe all the changes I´ve seen in my life and in the lives of others, and all this is thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ and His gospel. This week I was able to see miracles from the Lord every day, and even though there were hard times with my comp, it has been one of the most successful weeks in my mission so far. So Tuesday was our P day this last week and we didn´t do much of anything but it was very nice to just lay down on my bed and just think about all the blessings in my life and how much my Heavenly Father has helped me grow in this past year, and then after that I slept for a good hour so that was nice too. The rest of our week was pretty full of lessons and going all over trying to find more people to teach and baptize, what else is new as a missionary. But our zone has a goal for the month of July, that every companionship will see a baptism in their chapel every weekend of that month. We have been blessed to have already put four dates, right now they are for the 22 of June and 29 of June but there are always things that happen and it´s still too early to tell if we can meet those goals or if we´ll push the dates back to July. I´m excited to be able to put all these dates and everything, but I´m getting kinda tired of El Puerto. If I´m still here for July it would mean I would at least be here until mid August and then the new President would be here and he probably wont make many changes for a while, so what I´m kinda hoping for is changes the 26 of June.

 We do have a new family with a date set. Another Diaz family but they are awesome, the dad alwyas has questions about other churches and why they do things in such a weird way and then he asks us what it´s like in our church and he always agrees and says that is the way he pictures Heavenly Father directing His church! So awesome! He also already came to church, and his wife will come next week cause she had to work yesterday. They also have an eight year old daughter named Estrella (Star) but don´t worry they aren´t hippies. I´m super pumped to see them progress. This week it also rained for the first time in a very long time! It was so nice and cool I almost cried haha jk but seriously i wanted to. Still doesn´t rain during the day but around seven every night it calls down the thunder, big storms and it´s kinda like home too, the bigger the storm the more wind we have. So that kinda blows, ha see what I did there? Anyways I also bought some souvenirs for the first time, I figured one year and all I´ve got to show for it is a t shirt that says SWAG AIR from Nike. So I bought a flute for five bucks but it´s sweet, hand carved from wood and I bought another keychain and some little game things so I´ll try to look in to see how much it would be to send those things home in a package. But there are a couple kids in this district that are from Rigby and one other kid who went to Hillcrest and he goes him in two months I think so I might just ask a huge favor from him ha.. 

Well more news on the comp, well actually no new news still got nothing in common. Partly because I stopped caring about Pokemon when I was like ten, thank goodness, and he doesn´t like sports and only listens to classical music. So my comps are just getting more and more different from me. This week he tried arguing with me that the Americas are only one continent and not two. He asked me why they are two, and I told him that he thinks there are only one cause he secretly wants to live in the U.S. I think that kinda made him mad but I didn´t care too much cause it shut him up ha. But I am trying to be nice dont worry, I just want him to try to be more friendly. 

Sounds like everyone at home is doing good! Brandi did awesome on her finals! A´s in everything, ¨holy crap¨ - Frank Ramone, Eerybody loves Raymond. But yeah way to go!! Sounds like the bonfire was awesome too, I´m super jealous of that but this week I will also have a small fire, burning a shirt!! um only other requests is for the pens, make sure they arent gel, the last ones were and it just smears so thats all. But more food and pictures. Well I love yall so much and thank you for all your prayers always and your love and support. Have an awesome week!

Cuidense mucho!

Elder Jorgensen

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