Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 29, 2013

Well it has been a super fast week down here in El Puerto with a lot of good days with lots of appointments and some other days with not much to do. Even though there were some hard times this week I have grown even closer to my Savior and am even more thankful for the Atonement and sacrifice He made for me. This week I have been praying a lot and studying a ton about the Atonement so it´s been a pretty powerful week for me in the study category. Tomorrow I hit eleven months in the mission so that´s pretty crazy, at times it feels like I´ve been out for a long time but when I think about it these eleven months have flown by. 

This week we weren´t really able to make a ton of progress with our investigators, but we did place a date for one for the end of the month. So now we have two dates for the month of May. I´m pretty sure one will get baptized and the other one, we´ll just have to wait and see the effort she puts in to the church. They have some challenges right now with work on Sundays so they haven´t been able to attend church yet, so that will be a big step for them. We found a lot of new investigators the end of last week and the beginnning of this week but it has been hard to hold on to them. Part of the problem is people are very nice here so they will tell you what you want to hear but not really what they´re gonna do so that is still frustrating for me. But this week we were able to have a fast to believe. For me this fast was very special and really helped me this week. To believe that we can meet all the goals we set in our zone meeting and to better each of our areas here. 

Probably our most powerful lesson this week was with a less active family. It was just going to be a short lesson with them about the importance and power of prayer. It started out kinda weird because the wife wouldn´t come join us for the lesson. When she finally came and sat with us, she wouldn´t look at us or participate in the lesson. I tried to ask questions and help her feel the Spirit but she just seemed angry. So to close the lesson we shared our testimonies of the power of prayer and I shared that whatever trial or problem we have, we can´t blame our Heavenly Father for it because he is only there to help us through those things. He has to be our rock, not our excuse. After that she started crying and told us some struggles they are having, but then I got to share my testimony of the Atonement with them and help her understand the purpose of it and the blessing it is. It ended up being a very spiritual lesson for me and hopefully for them. Sorry to say that the story doesn´t have a super happy ending because they didn´t come to church yesterday but we are going back to them this week. Well I don´t know how but our time is already up. I love you all. Thank you for all your prayers this week!


Elder Jorgensen

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