Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

Well this week was amazing and super fast and full of blessings. First off I got a new companion, Elder Chacon from Costa Rica. Right now I don`t have much in common with him other than we love serving the Lord. He graduated from highschool two years late because he couldn`t stop playing video games so that kinda sums up all our differences right there in that sentence ha. Really good missionary though and he has been out for one more change than me, so 13 months. I cannot believe it has almost been a year! How crazy is that? I can`t thank my Heavenly Father enough for this blessing of my mission.

So a little about our week and the work down here in El Puerto. First off, my favorite number we had was seven new investigators. That hasn`t happened in a long long time for me. We also put two more baptismal dates so this next change is going to go by super fast because we now have people that are really progressing so it makes everything more exciting and helps me stay more motivated. The new dates are a family, husband and wife, but they have accepted a date for the end of June. I will write more about them in my next emails after we have taught them a little more and I know more of their needs. We had two really lessons that were really difficult for me though. Number one: First day with new comp we went to visit some old investigators that we had dropped a while ago and there ended up being a pastor there from the prophetic apostol church of faith of Christ or some weird name like that. So right off the bat my comp just ignores the old investigator and starts bible bashing with this pastor dude. Trying to just trick him and get him to say something conflicting that he could use to prove the pastor wrong. Just made me mad, so I just sat there the whole time and tried to kinda ignore what was going on. So obviously no progress was made there. OK number 2: lesson on Saturday morning. The guy was a reference from Angela, her neighbor, she told us that he had been reading from her Book of Mormon and he was one of the workers who built the chapel in El Puerto, so we showed up with pretty high hopes. Yeah he shot every hope down pretty fast. His beliefs are that God is everywhere at all times because he is not limited to a body, Jesus Christ was a good man that lived really well and died and was resurrected but that doesn`t have anything to do with him and his life, that commandments are just rules given from men to men to protect themselves, and there is no life after this life. The lesson started off very well though, we explained the scriptures to him and bore testimony and then he just kept rejecting everything so that was hard. It was sad for me to see this man has no hope of anything after this life, and that this life now is just 70 to 80 years of trying to achieve personal goals that really don`t mean anything. Basically he doesn`t have faith, but won`t try to plant the seed of faith in his heart. We still gave him his own Book of Mormon though.

This last week we also did some service finally! At Rene`s house we just kinda flattened out his yard and trying to move all the big rocks he has around so he can plant more coconut trees. Kinda hard to describe what we were doing but it was awesome to be able to do like normal manual labor for once, I miss working like that so much... This week we also ate some really good food at Mama Tuli`s house. She bought fish from one of the restaurants on the beach and cooked those really tastefully then stuffed them with cooked shrimp, then of course more rice and tortillas but hey I was pretty freakin happy. Also I didn`t write yesterday because we had a multizona. That is where two or three zones come together for a conference and we are taught by our Mission President. It went from 8:30 until about 3. It was so powerful and amazing. I don`t have my notes with me but it was awesome. He talked a lot about obedience and the Atonement (as always) but everytime he teaches us about those two things it is more powerful, I learn more, and I feel the need to improve. Basically yesterday was a great day even though I didn`t get to talk to you guys. So sorry you were probably freakin out last week but everything is good, I`m all good just trying to stay super positive in El Puerto. Just a little tid bit at the end of this change I will have been here for seven months, so yeah a little chunk of my mission. i love you all so much and hope that Brandi has a great last week of school, good luck on all the tests! Have fun this weekend afterwards but don`t be stupid, I know that`s impossible though cause you`re basically my perfect example. Good job mom on your half marathon, I`m so proud that you can run a lot farther than me and a lot faster too haha. But seriously thats awesome and i hope you`re not too stiff and sore. Dad, thank you for your email and yes please keep adding to it and enjoy doing the yardwork again this year without me. And to all my Grandparents, thank you so much for your love and support. And I know I missed your birthdays this month but:
Thank you so much for all your love support and letters all the time! 

Have a great week everyone!
Elder Jorgensen

Mom I`ll try to write a letter to the ward really soon!

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