Monday, May 20, 2013

May 13, 2013

Man what a good day yesterday was! I was so happy to see all of you guys. It was definitley hard to say goodbye. I defininitely needed to be able to talk to you guys though, even though it feels like last Christmas was not very long ago at all, hopefully this Christmas comes super fast. There is probably nothing better in the mish than talking to the family, having a baptism is right there too and we also had one of those yesterday.
So the baptism was supposed to start at 8 in the morning but nobody here is ever on time, ever, for nothing. So we get it started at like 8:30 or so, we were running all over the place to find her, wait for members, get pictures done, and organize the service. And while I was doing all that by myself the Branch President refused to do anything because we were going to be starting late. He wasn´t even going to attend the baptism! When I finally got everything done BY MYSELF I asked him if he was ready to come in and he was just like no, it was supposed to be at 8 and now we are starting a half hour late so I´m not. I got pretty upset with him again. I didn´t yell at him or anything but I used a strong tone with hime when I said you gotta be kidding me I cannot believe you President. I´m trying to feel bad about getting mad at him but he needs to not be so freakin selfish. But anyways Guadelupe got baptized, she is a single mother of 7. She has a 21 year old kid and a 16 year old girl but they don´t live with her. She does have a ten year old son so he will probably be getting dunked here in a month or so we hope. I hope before I leave the area. But yeah I will be here in El Puerto until June 26. That day I really do hope to have changes, cause that will mark seven months here and I dono if I could do six more weeks after that.

This week I also had divsions with Elder Dolbin my Zone Leader. He just got made Assistant today so obviously he is super powerful. It was an awesome day with him and he helped me receive a ton of references from members here so that was awesome! Well I wanna write a personal note to you guys so I´m gonna end this short email I´m sorry its short but I love you and thank you so much for the prayers and support you are always giving me! I need it so much! Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Jorgensen

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