Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Whew I can`t believe how fast the weeks go by. I`m coming up on eleven months already. This week was a pretty good week for us, I feel good about it anyways. Just a little side note, we just had interviews with President so now I`m all sorts of rambled but I`ll do my best. Let`s see this week we were able to find some pretty good new investigators which is awesome because we are always cycling through new investigators because most people here are kind enough to let us in and give us hope that they will progress. Then when we go back and try to find them, they happen to not be home or they have too many people visiting or other excuses. Sometimes I wish the people were just more upfront with us so that we wouldn`t lose time looking for more who are willing to accept the Gospel. 

This week though was super fast because I had divisions one day with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Gillespie from Washington and we also had Zone Conference. The day with my zone leader was interesting. He is a different kid, really good missionary, just oblivious to some things that might bother other people. I learned a lot from him though, he is a really good teacher. Our Zone Conference was awesome though, soooo powerful. We talked a ton about humility and the Atonement. I hope to be able to use the cleansing power of the Atonement to its fullest, it is amazing. We also made a lot of goals and stuff like that baptisms in these upcoming months and how we can better help our wards and branches. Really good stuff, I`m not so sure some things will be as helpful to us just cause some of the challenges we face in our branch are to the extreme at times. But we have a lot of good ideas about how to keep working and improving the family within the branch. Our family home evening nights in the church might not be working out to great anymore though, we only had two show up last week, our convert Angela and one member who is preparing for a mission. So we`ll see if we can continue to do those or not. 

Transfers aren`t for three more weeks so I won`t know for a while so about that, it is the Wednesday after Mother`s Day! Super excited for that day! I really am not sure what to put in this email ha my mind is all scrambled. Things with my comp are still improving everyday, we still have our moments when things are frustrating but every day gets easier. I don`t really have any cool stories this week either. On Saturday we left with Sister Tuli, our cook, to look for less actives. We had to rent a pickup (only 5 bucks driver included) to go visit them. They live clear up in the mountains, about an hour away, ridiculous haha I dono how the missionaries found them. But they weren`t too positive we will see what happens though. Other short story, Tuesday was a little slow so when we were walking by the river I found a little piglet, there are pigs everywhere here! But I chased him for about fifty feet, those things are freakin fast and I am way out of shape ha but it was fun and something a little different. 

Sounds like things at home might be start picking up weather wise anyways. Getting a little warmer hopefully. Brandi is dommin up in track, in your pic you looked pretty professional and I could tell you were in first haha. I`ll be praying for you to be able to get better so you can run faster, how did you get more sick than me?! And Mom, you are still running too? Ten miles a day,  I dono how you do that, how long does it take you to do ten miles? Well that`s about all I got this week I love you all so much and thank you for all the support you always have given me and are still giving me! Good luck everyone who is coming up on finals and all the crappy tests in school haha take luck! Have a great week!


Elder Jorgensen

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