Monday, April 1, 2013

4/1/2013 I'm coming home!!!

Well like the subject of the email says I´m coming home! Apparently in order to change or split the mission they have to send some missionaries home so I´m gonna have like two months of down time! HA HA  April Fools! But wouldn´t that be sweet!!! Anyways so I logged on today and had 31 emails!!! Thank you everyone for emailing me and Brandi thanks for the pics of California, those were sweet. For my birthday though it was a pretty good day. At lunch we went to Hermama Tuli´s house cause she made me a double cheeseburger with bacon and homemade french fries and FRY SAUCE! Then to finish it off she brought out a 3 milk cake. It was different but really good. Then she also got a yellow lab puppy this last week, and I got her to name it Kate. So now I have a yellow lab puppy here in El Salvador! Makes me miss our dogs a lot but it´s alright. Also on my birthday we did divisions with some members from the branch, that was alright we weren´t able to get much done. But to finish off the day some investigators invited me over and they made us some dish of Shrimp and vegetables, it was super good. Don´t worry I took pictures of all the food haha. It feels super weird being 20, actually I don´t feel any different but whatever. 

3 milk Birthday Cake!

Kate thinks its hot here too!  She likes to cool off in the fridge.

Birthday Meal!

Hermama Tuli's new puppy!  I convinced her to name her Kate.

Yumm... Shrimp and Veggies!
Overall this week was a lot better than last week. Our number of lessons went up a little bit even though on Saturday and Sunday we only taught one less active. Semana Santa is huge down here. EVERYONE goes to the beach for the week so my area was freakin packed with people that didn´t care to hear from us at all, just yell Mormon stuff at us. I did receive a few friendly waves from some people but it´s against the rules to talk to them haha. Saturday though was insane, down here it´s really not Holy Week at all, just free time party week, and Saturday night they had parties everywhere, it was more wild than New Year´s and Christmas. We made it through though. 

This last Sunday we didn´t have any investigators in church but our attendance is going up. We´ve been in the sixties and upper fifties for about three weeks so that´s been cool. Our one investigator with a baptismal date hasn´t come to church yet and I don´t know what her deal is. Hopefully we can find her this week and she will be coming to conference. This last week I´d have to say my favorite time of the day was personal study every day, I don´t have my study journal with me right now but this whole last week was awesome. One thing that I´m trying to focus on is making every good thing a habit. I read from the teachings of President Lorenzo Snow that living the Gospel is like learning to play an instrument, at first it´s hard and we have to think about every note, every sequence, and how to act all the time. After practice we can play the song from memory and from habit, we have adjusted to be able to do it. And to play something wrong is almost difficult but it is more easy to correct when we do. The same with the Gospel, if we are trying to live the Gospel at all times things outside the Gospel or things we do that make us lose the Spirit seem difficult and are hard to do. When I read that I really liked it. I only read it this morning before I left the house but I´m gonna try to put those things in practice haha. I know that would be a blessing. 

 Well I´m glad everyone had an awesome fun Spring Break and was able to enjoy being together. The pictures looked fun and the emails I received made it sound like everyone had a good time. Even though it was Spring Break I hope everyone was able to remember the importance of this Sunday and the hope and happiness the Atonement of Jesus Christ brings to our lives. The power of the Atonement is amazing, it cleans us and it is a blessing to repent. I love my Savior and I love my family and I love my friends. Thank you all so much! One more quick note, make some questions for this conference! It will be a more powerful conference if you do! Que Dios Les Bendiga Mucho! Que les vayan muy bien!



Elder Jorgensen

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