Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Well I´m not exactly sure where to begin this email. First of all I guess I´m very happy to say that we found a lot more lessons this week than last week, more than double actually so that was cool for us. I´m still not big on numbers, I hate being compared to other people and other areas because not a single one of us are the same. But oh well we have to turn in our numbers every week. 
The new role of District Leader is...different haha. I have to prepare a district meeting every week, which is just kinda like a motivational lesson to help the district and also helps us exercise and increase our faith in the Lord. At first I was pretty nervous because I was the youngest in the district besides my kid, so I thought someone else should be the leader but I guess the Lord really wants me to learn and grow this change so I´m trying that out haha. I had divisions with one of the Elders in my district this week, Elder Chaclan from Guatemala. He was in the area about a year ago so he showed me all his old investigators so that day with him was awesome. I learned more from him than he learned from me. But all those new investigators I´m sorry to say now want nothing to do with us so that was a tid bit depressing but what more can we do. The progress with our other investigators is slow. We still have a solid date for Guadelupe on the 27th, but the other families we are teaching, I´m trying not to lose hope that they will realize how important these things are for them. And we´re not just talking about the word of God, like all the preachers and pastors down here. 

Me and my comp are still doing good together, I think everyday gets a little better and easier for us, he is just a little bit of a different character. But I am learning a lot from him, a lot of patience and humility. He is definitely helping with the Spanish part, still trying to learn new words everyday and work on the fluidity of my speech and proper grammar. I wouldn´t say that I am fluent in Spanish but I am confident in Spanish so there ya go, for me I´m happy to be able to say that! 

This last week was a little rough for the branch. I´m trying to stay positive with everything that is going on.  We´re doing our best to help everyone we can. It is kinda sad at times. It´s hard for me to sit back and watch. 

 Other than that stuff, it was a normal week for us. I don´t have any fantastic stories or anything. We did help a guy out from Honduras well I dono how much we helped but he showed up on a Thursday night in El Puerto with one suitcase no money and looking for a job. We shared with him a short message and I offered a prayer and gave him enough money for breakfast the next day. I haven´t seen him since but it was kinda the same experience we had a few weeks ago with me and Elder Scurr talking to a guy on a bench so that was cool. Other than that same ol same ol. Sounds like home is goin alright haha. Brandi is loving the ACT and SAT so that´s cool haha.  Hopefully she can relax a little and enjoy her dance. So have fun there Brandi! And hopefully mom can stay in top shape for her half marathon, we´ll probably both be sweating pretty profusely at the same time so I´ll be thinking about ya then haha. And hopefully Dad can find some nice patio furniture so you can sit outside and freeze in your 40 degree weather HA. Forty degrees to me sounds miserable now, I´ll probably die my first winter back in Idaho haha. But that´s all I got this week. Keep me in your prayers and keep moving forward with faith. 

Love you all!!!!

Elder Jorgensen

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