Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 24, 2013 Miracles!

Last week of this change and what a week it was! So I have two pretty awesome stories I wanna tell you guys first before anything else. Story number one with the Familia Diaz. As you know Tania, the wife, has a ridiculous work schedule, ten hours a day seven days a week and has a four month old baby so she is pretty busy. With her working so much it was impossible for her to come to church so only Victor Diaz was coming to church, so this last Monday she asked her witch of a boss for permission to come to church on Sundays in the morning and her boss had to think about it all week long and almost fired her for asking. The boss is Catholic, pretty ironic keeping someone away from Christ when you´re supposed to be Catholic. Anyways Saturday night we were waiting outisde of the tienda where she works and when she came out she was like "My Sunday mornings are free!!" Holy crap we were so happy and she was too so that just pretty much made it certain that they are getting baptized. Miracle number two, this last Tuesday we had nothing to do and so we knocked one door (against the rules) and talked to the dad there. We talked about the Restoration a little bit but he had a question about why we dont drink coffee so we talked about the Word of Wisdom and talked more about the need for a prophet in these days. We set a time to go back and teach them for Thursday night. Thursday night we once again taught about the Restoration but it was more like a discussion which was alright because it was really good. We mainly focussed on prophets again and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We left a book there with them and went back Saturday night to see how things were going so far. We asked her if she had been able to read and she told us yeah a little bit. We were both really excited thinking she had read the whole introduction. Then she started skimming through the Book of Mormon and stopped at Helaman 1...until there she said. I was confused so i was like oh cool just random pages until Helaman 1, she probably read some good stuff then haha. Well no, she said no i started where you told me and read until here. In two days she read the introduction, all the testimonies of Joseph Smith and the witnesses and 445 pages in the Book of Mormon!!!! 

445 pages in the book of mormon!!!! 

Me and my companion were just in shock at this point, I´ve heard of people reading like first and second nephi in a week or two, but nothing like this. She basically went on to say, this book pretty much answers all my questions so i really wanna keep learning from you guys and find out what your doctrine is. We were only able to have a quick lesson with her, i was kinda upset about that but  this Wednesday I think we will definitely giving her a baptismal date so that will be awesome but I dono if I´ll be in this area. Bad news huh. Worse news my time is up i love you all so much!!! have an awesome week!

Love,   Elder Jorgensen

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