Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

Well this week was a lot of the same stuff but some pretty big stuff happened to us too. Let`s see this Monday I got a little sick but it went away pretty quick which was good because Tuesday morning we had to pick up a birth certificate for some other missionaries because they are going to have a baptism of a family, but the family has to be married first so we had a nice four hours on a school bus to a place called Chiltiupan. It`s clear up in the mountains, well big hills cause mountains like back home don`t exist here ha. But that was fun I just hate being on buses for so long because it takes all my energy. The rest of the day Tuesday was just kinda normal day for us. Then on Wednesday we got back on the bus again to come pick up my package that I finally got! So thank you so much for all the jerky and cookies and stuff. I`m gonna have to eat everything before changes on the 26 or I`ll have to leave it in the house cause it would be a huge pain to pack everything. I`m doing good though, I ate all the chips ahoy and one bag of jerky so far and just a little bit of candy.

So now for my big news this week, Angela moved to the States! I was way shocked when she told us Monday night. She said she was going to Maryland to be with her mom and I was like oh that`s awesome and asked how long she would be there and she was like well hopefully I`m moving there! I didn`t know what to say after that ha. She told us how she would be going there and everything, but hopefully she makes it and nothing bad happens to her. It was really hard to say goodbye to her. We went to her house like twice a week for these past six months, and to see her make so much progress in the gospel and gain such a strong testimony of the church. I hope she can find a spanish ward soon and can keep moving forward in the church. I was super sad to say goodbye to her though. I think I`m starting to understand that as I change areas and later finish the mission, it will be the last time I see most of these people. But anyways we took a bunch of pictures and stuff and I gave her my email, so hopefully in a week or so I will get an email saying she made it safe and is back with her mom after not seeing her for 12 years! I don`t even wanna think about how bad that would be!! 

And my other news. The Diaz family we are teaching is awesome! Their names are Victor and Tania. I`ve probably said this before about some investigators but this family are the best investigators I have ever had. They are so awesome and always keep their commitments, they read extra chapters in the Book of Mormon and are praying, living the Word of Wisdom just because one day we mentioned we don`t drink coffee. They are just amazing. I`ve cried I think our last three or four lessons with them, and every time we show up I promise myself I`m not gonna do it and then I can just feel the faith that they have, it`s incredible. They have a date set for the 29 of June...I`m not sure if I will still be here. We did divisions one day and Tania saw my comp and another missionary and told Victor I got changed and he apparently got a little upset but we got it all cleared up ha. I will be super sad to leave them. 

Well it sounds like everything at home is super good. The backyard looks great dad. Just another year until I can help out again but all the trees and patio look really good. Brandi told me about the bike chain incident, I probably woulda made fun of you guys too haha it sounded pretty funny in Brandi`s email. Mom was probably too embarrassed to write it to me ha. I`m super jealous you`re all going camping! I can`t believe it`s already fathers day, it feels like we are still in May so my bad dad probably won`t get a card to ya. But if i find one i will send em. Keep reading from the Book of Mormon every day! You guys have to finish it together! Our family will be so much closer if you can do that! Have fun in the pool and I`ll try to stay out of the ocean! Have an awesome week everyone! I love you all so much!

Su querido Elder Jorgensen

Que Dios les bendiga siempre!!!!

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