Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 17, 2013

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!! I love you so much Dad and I am so grateful that I have your example in my life and your support in the mission. Sounds like the camping trip you guys had was pretty fun, little cold on Friday so I`m sure the generator was on quite a bit for all the movies you probably watched in the "big rolling turd" hahaha, hopefully everything worked good in the camper. But the pictures from your guys` ride were beautiful, it is super green up there and it was cool to see some snow in the background too. I am pretty confident I am going to freeze to death when I get back home because the coolest it`s been in my area in the past six and a half months is 85 degrees plus humidity, and I`m sleeping when that happens! So yeah stock up on the blankets. Hope Sunday was a good day for everybody too and yall enjoyed the weekend together.

As for me, probably the highlight of the week was eating my 500th pupusa ha. Pupusas in case you have forgotten are the pride and joy, number one unhealthy food of El Salvador so I`m doing pretty good. One kid who is finishing his mish here in a week ate like 650 or something so I am setting a pretty good pace for myself ha. I`m kinda starting to get sick of them too so that`s not good cause there are no other options for dinner usually, lunch is usually chicken or meat that is as hard as concrete well I`m exhaggerating but you get my point. So my diet is usually benefited by the packages I receive and Sunday lunches with Mama Tuli. Other than the food stuff it was an average week for us. Our most powerful lessons were with the Diaz family again. On Friday we went to the chapel for a FHE activity where we watched the video of the Testaments with Brother Diaz. It was super powerful at the end of the video he dropped a couple tears and asked for a copy of the movie to show his wife and I believe they watched it last night so we will have to see how it went. Sister Diaz has another challenge now with her boss, she has to work every Sunday now no matter what but we asked her to ask her boss for one hour on Sunday to come to church and then also to start looking for a different job. It is pretty difficult for her right now to do that so we are praying hard for that. Still no news on Angela but we went by her house yesterday and her brother told us she should have crossed the border on Sunday morning so hopefully we`ll know how everything goes. 

The comp situation is still work in progress, I`m pretty sure he just waits to talk until he can point out something I did wrong or am doing wrong so my patience is starting to wear thin but I`m trying. We are still trying to have fun while working but he just doesn`t have a lot of ganas at times to work so it`s hard. As for changes I have no idea, we will be told next Tuesday in the night time. My gut tells me that yes I will have changes but I guess I could stay for my sixth change here...either way though, I`ll just be happy and keep working. I wouldn`t mind a new companion though haha. So that`s about all the news I got this week. I love you all so much and I will talk to you all next week! Love you so much and thank you for your thoughts and prayers always!!

Elder Jorgensen

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