Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

What a week we had here! This last week was super busy for us but we didn´t have much to show for it. Our numbers weren´t too high because a lot of our lessons that are always there fell so that was a little disappointing, but now we have just that much more drive to improve this week. Alrighty general conference!! I´ve never loved conference so much in my life, it is amazing to watch conference on the mission I just was able to get so much more out of it I thought. And of course the huge news was the change of age for missionaries! This is very exciting news for the church, I hope the young men and young women are now learning the importance of preparation to serve a mission. I can promise that preparation before the mission will benefit you in every possible way. I wish I would have studied more from the scriptures and was more receptive to promptings from the Spirit before the mission because that would have made it so much easier now to be teaching this Gospel. But I hope everyone was able to learn from this conference and feel the power of the Holy Ghost. Dad, thank you so much for watching the sessions of conference. That was probably the best news I´ve heard on my mission so far haha. Words cannot describe how happy I am to hear that. The message I got from conference was definitely repentance but also to be a true convert to the church.
I can´t remember who said it or how exactly he said it but it was something like: We are to give up sin for eternal life... Just think about that for a minute, this life is the time we have to prepare to have eternal happiness. Why would we sin in this life and cause ourselves grief and pain if our ultimate goal is happiness? I dono why but that statement was very powerful to me. But conference overall was awesome. And even better news. Julio came to watch conference with us (we watched it in the stake center IN ENGLISH!!!! so that made me happy haha) but anyways he felt like that session was for him and said he has never felt the spirit that strong for him! So that was pretty exciting news too. Other than that we didn´t have many other investigators come, I think two others came. I´m not sure why but the members down here don´t see the importance of watching general conference, especially Saturday, I think there was maybe fifty people in the Stake Center. And just so you know they don´t get it in their houses so we would have liked to see a bigger turnout. Hopefully they will read the talks though.
This last week we really wanted to find a lot of new investigators and we did find a new family, the Sanchez family. All we have had with them was a small discussion because our main purpose was to bless their house. But they invited us back, and they are some of the friendliest people I have met here so far, and I´ve met some pretty dang nice people haha. But that was awesome. This next week though we want to still find more. And we switch roles, now I am the Senior Companion so that´s a little scary for me cause now I lead out in every lesson and planning and stuff. So we will really see everything I´ve learned.
Oh I´m now up to 110 pupusas, if I can keep this pace up I will eat 1100 here on the mish so thats exciting..I still don´t know how to make them though dang it. But everyone's week at home sounds like it was pretty decent. Busy but good. I can´t believe it´s already October! The weather hasn´t changed here at all, still ridiculously hot and humid in the day and pours at night. The thunderstorms are pretty sweet here and all the low roads in our area fill up pretty fast with water. But anyways it´s already October which means before you know it, it will be Christmas and I´ll be skypin ya up! Yeeeahhhh buddyyyy. HA pretty excited for that. And thank you for the package that has been sent, I´ll tell ya when I get it. Maybe for Christmas you could send some more CTR socks, they´re not ruined or anything just sometimes our cocinera/ lavanda ropa is a bit slow and well I just don´t wanna wear the same socks for three days ha. But I was wondering if you could maybe send a nice paisley tie not like way fancy but a good one that will last. I wanna give it to Raul our convert who is 14. His family is very poor and I want him to look like a stud passing the sacrament.

 I´m glad everyone is doing great at home! I loved the picture of the dogs! You could send some more pictures in a package if you would like or make me a calendar for next year of good pictures, that would be cool. But I´m doing great and just trying to be patient in everything, language is still comin slowly but coming. It´s just hard to see progress in your self. But I love you all! Until next monday... haha love you all! Que Dios le bendiga!


Elder Jorgensen

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