Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hello Everyone!

                                                      Volcan San Vicente

Wow...already four months in the mission! How the crap did that happen? Time goes by so fast here it´s insane. But we had a great week. And we finished off September with another baptism! I also got the opportunity to baptize her, first baptism in my life so it was pretty special to me too. Everyday is still an adventure and every minute is exciting. We had great success with all of our investigators this week too so that was another awesome thing. And this next weekend is conference so everything is going just about perfect right now, I couldn´t be happier. I hope all of you are as excited for conference as I am. I can´t believe it´s already here though I remember last conference we drove down to Salt Lake cause we were super bored of being in Davis Hall haha. But get your notepads ready and watch conference with a purpose, the Lord will bless you with everything you need if you have real desires to find it. I can´t even count how many times I´ve been reading the scriptures and read somethin like just blows my mind, it´s great.


 This is Fautima on her baptism day!

This week with our investigators was awesome though. Julio I am proud to say has made it 16 days now I think. But he brought good news and bad news to us this week. His boss is changing schedules so that is a lot of stress off of his shoulders. But the bad news is he is moving in either December or January to Santa Tecla I think. So that is way out of our area. So now it is very important for him to stay strong because we have a relationship built and we know how to help him. I hope by early November he will be ready to get baptized so he will have that strength. But our other way good kid, Mario, and his dad are still great and Saturday they said they know this is the true church and they want to get baptized, so now we need to turn our focus to the family and baptize a family!! How great would that be! I am really excited for them to keep progressing.


Other than that I think this week we will have a big focus on finding new investigators in a different part of our area. It is a part that Elder Hammond has never been to and I dono why cause it´s very nice!! There are actual houses, real fences, I dono how to explain it, it´s not even close to American but it´s way nicer than everything else in our area haha. But I´m excited to go there, I just feel like we will have some good success because there will be more full, established families there. Me and Elder LeSeur did changes this week to do our interview for our baptism and he is a freakin funny kid from Arizona. It felt almost like I was just hanging out with one of my best friends for the afternoon so that was cool too.


I´m still good and healthy though, P90X is still freakin ridiculous. I thought it sucked when I did it at home, it´s way worse with heat and humidity haha but hopefully I won´t get fat...I refuse to get fat haha I´m just gonna grow a couple inches taller instead ha. Oh good news I have eaten 101 pupusas so I´m doin good there! But it sounds like everything is goin great there at home. Everyone had a normal week except for Brandi, holy crap busy busy busy. But that´s awesome that you got to play a little in the game and have fun, and run your best time ever in your cross country meet, and have a good time at homecoming. Hopefully your next dance you´ll have time to do a day date though ha. But your pictures looked great! It was cool to see you! And yes we do get to skype on Christmas it´s not just a phone call so that´s awesome. I´m way excited for that, to see and talk to you guys!


I got some emails from friends this week! Finally haha you guys have been slackin to say the least but I will forgive you so don´t worry but it was good to hear from you all!


I only have 3 more weeks as being a junior companion and then I´ll probably be a senior companion or a trainer so I´m still freakin out, I still have to rely on Elder Hammond for some stuff in the language but I´m just trying to learn and be patient. I know I was sent to this mission for a reason and I´m excited to serve and learn what my Heavenly Father wants me to learn, and grow in the things that I need in order to be a better man. I know this church is true and thank you all for your prayers, examples, support, letters, and prayers. Que Dios le bendiga.



Elder Jorgensen

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