Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012

Wow what a difference this week was from last week! Let me try to remember everything that has happened. Big news first, our fast this month was to find new investigators this last week and that we did! Three families and then completing another family, so you could say we are pretty happy with what we did this week haha. They are all very positive and hopefully after our second lesson with all of them we can really see where they are at and how much we think they will progress. One thing that really helped us or motivated us to work our butts off this week was Thursday. We were supposed to have a big meeting with the whole mission, which never happens by the way so it must be pretty important, anyways it got moved to this coming Thursday so the new missionaries can go to it so thats good. But that left the mission president with nothing to do on Thursday, so he called us up and asked if he could come out and work with us that day...Holy Cow. I´ve never been so nervous about every lesson, every street contact, every second of the day. Our mission president is the most spiritual man I´ve ever met and speaks with so much power and love it´s incredible. Needless to say that day was amazing. He taught four lessons with us, I led out in all the lessons and me and Elder Hammond switched off perfectly during the lessons and he just kind of finished it off every time. At the end of every lesson everyone was crying investigators, me, him incredible. I learned so much that day and it changed the kind of missionary I want to be. Everyday I need to be teaching like the mission president is right there and planning each day as if the mission president was going to be with us.  

Another fun thing we got to do this week was some service projects. We did two and it was awesome. So the first one was just some yard work, well actually there was no yard but I´m counting the tree growing out of a crack in the concrete and the 15 flower pots and five gallon buckets as a yard. We cleaned up all the trash that was back there and hacked about half the tree down with a machete so that was cool ha. We ended up with six wheelbarrows full of trash and branches, but of course this house was on a huge hill so takin the wheel barrow up and down was just loads of fun ha. But it was good and at the end she gave us a glass of water cause it took about two and a half hours, well it was tap water so I got kinda sick from it but I´m all better now. The other project was painting some cinderblock fence of a member who lives in a different area. That also took us about two hours or so and it started pouring rain so I hope all the paint is still on the wall and not on the patio but anyways, the guy we did it for took us all out to WENDY´S!!!! I had a triple cheeseburger with bacon of course but I didn´t get a frosty cause I knew it would be way expensive. It was so good!

We also had a couple earthquakes yesterday that were pretty fun, probably the biggest ones I´ve felt but don´t worry mom they would have to be a lot bigger to cause any damage so we´re all safe. We think that´s what our meeting will be about this Thursday, what happens if an earthquake hits. I dono why but I haven´t been sleeping that good, I wake up at about 4 every morning with way bad pains in my back, I´m not sure why but I can barely move. It hurts so bad that I can´t lay down so I end up just getting up. I think it´s the bed but last night I changed mattresses cause there was an extra in the house and it still happened this morning so I´m not quite sure what to do. But I´ve got some nice bags under my eyes cause I´m not sleeping so I look like a drug addict kinda with purple bags under my eyes ha.

Today we find out what is gonna happen this next change with companions and areas and everything well actually we won´t know who our companions actually are until Wednesday so that´s exciting and scary. If I stay here that means I´ll be senior companion and I´m nervous, cause Elder Hammond doesn´t give me much time to do anything in lessons, he gives me time after he says basically everything there is to be said so I just bear my testimony. So I´m really nervous about what to do. I have learned a lot though from him, a lot of good things and a lot of things that I need to do different from him. So I´m excited to see what happens.

Our old investigators are still progressing nicely. Jocelin´s baptism should be this Saturday. Julio is still a ways away. I think our lesson with him and the president there this last week though really helped and now he knows what our plans are for him. We have a dad and a son, both named Mario, they have been doing good. But this last week Elder Hammond dropped some pretty deep doctrine on em and they kinda got scared or didn´t believe it so now we gotta clean up that little thing with them and hopefully they will keep progressing.

That´s all for this week though. A lot more happened this week than last haha. The language is still going work in progress, I kinda want a latino companion just so it makes me speak spanish more than just during lessons cause that is about the only time i speak it. But it´s all good! I love you all and thank you so much for your prayers for our investigators, our ward, and me as well thank you. I love you all so much and as always you are in my prayers too!


Until next Monday. I love you!

Elder Jorgensen

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