Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well hello once again from El Salvador! I´m glad Mondays come fast so I can read all your emails and see how life is back in the states haha. This week I am happy to report has been a very solid successful week. We have made a lot of progress with our investigators. So much so that we could have three baptisms before October is over. That is great news but also a little hard because that is our whole teaching pool, and because of that we are devoting this week to finding new investigators, 16 to be exact. That is a huge number but we need it so if you would like to think of that in your prayers I would very much appreciate it. Alrighty...I´m trying to think about what I wanna put in this email haha. I can´t ever think good when I get here just get too excited to talk to yall ha.

 Oh this week we did have one bad lesson with Julio. He had been progressing really well and loved conference and really liked everything. So we felt it was finally time to do the Law of Chastity lesson with him. His ¨wife¨ is a member of the church so she knows that they are not living the commandments. But during the lesson he got very offended because they have been living together for seven years and have two kids together so in his eyes they are married. Well he also has two kids in the states, and is still married to his wife in the states, but he´s only lived here for about 8 years so obviously just not enough time to get a divorce! But he was pretty riled and decided him and his wife would pray about it and tell us on Sunday when they came to church if they wanted to continue with us and continue coming to church. Well yesterday they were not at church, and we did splits yesterday so me and Edwin, an RM in our ward, went to their house and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday so hopefully they really have prayed and we can keep going because he is doing so good.

Ok enough sad stuff about that. I´m sorry i don´t have some cool stuff to talk about ha. Actually we got a car now! JK the owners brought one of their cars over and parked it in our garage which is fine but because we live with the zone leaders we have all the boxes of BOMs and pamphlets and baptismal clothes for people and all that kind of stuff so our storage room got turned into a real garage and all that stuff is now lining the walls of our house. It´s great. But it sounds like you guys had a pretty boring week there too. Ha not trying to be mean or anything though, sorry. But the drive to Palisades looked fun. Except Palisades is missin just a couple gallons of water haha...I really dont got much goin on though. But I love you guys and I pray for ya always. Sorry boring email but hopefully better one next week!


Elder Jorgensen

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