Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hope everyone is doing good and loving life! We had kinda a rough week down here with only 13 lessons in total this week. I think that this week was my lowest number wise of my mission so far. I know that numbers don´t matter though. The Lord knows how much effort I´m putting into this work and it is up to other people to use their agency to listen to the message of the Restoration. I´m still keeping positive though. Trying to get to be better friends with my companion because it gets a little rough at times, really we are just not into the same things and then add the difference in culture and language and it makes for some silent boring times. But we´re changing that, well I´m trying to anyways haha.

Probably one of the neatest things that happened to me this week was in a lesson with an investigator who we had to drop.. But in the lesson he said to me that I listen with my heart and humbly teach and listen. That was a big boost of confidence and motivation that I definitely needed this week. With everything falling through, that little sentence let me know how I´m doing as a missionary and a person. On Wednesday we had a Priesthood meeting in the chapel to try to make some plans to get this branch going and to get people more excited about the work. I would call the meeting semi successful because we had about four other people there. This is definitely a tough area, all the more reason to work extra hard though. I really don´t know what to put in this email though ha. I didn´t think I´d have troubles sending long emails home every week to you guys but today I honestly can´t think of many good things to put in this email. I´m so sorry I´ll try to be better next week. But I love you so much and I know this Gospel is true, live this Gospel and let the Lord change you!

To answer your questions quickly, district meetings are every Thursday but this Thursday will be a zone meeting. zone meetings are with more missionaries and are way better than district meetings, they only happen once a month though. the mission will be split the end of June.  We don't know who will go where yet but our president will be the president of the El Salvador West Mission.  It's exciting but not at the same time, because I really like President Glazier he is a great leader and example to me. I will definitely buy souvenirs before I leave too. Sorry I don't  have much else to say.



Elder Jorgensen

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