Monday, March 18, 2013

1 Nephi 18:16 March 18, 2013

Hammock Time!!

Bananas that don't taste the same.

What`s Up everybody! I had a way better week this week than last week so hopefully I`ll have some more stuff to put on this email ha. Let`s see first off me and my comp are doing lots better now. I had to convince him that the mission is supposed to be fun. This work is the Lord`s work, and we are bringing eternal happiness to these people so it only makes sense that we are able to have fun in the mission. I told that to him on Tuesday and every day has been getting better and better. Saturday was probably our best day just cause we were able to keep a positive attitude all day with jokes and stuff like that. I definitely need to be able to be me as a missionary and not some robot but things are going much better.

A little info about our investigators and the branch real quick. We are teaching complete families right now, first time in my mission that I`ve been able to say that and it feels good haha. The only problem with all of our investigators is attending church. Because my area is on the beach it is a tourist area meaning guess who has to work every Sunday in restaurants, hotels, cleaning and police and all those jobs. So that part is going to be kind of difficult for us with all of our investigators but we`re not losing faith in them. Our most positive family this week we just found out that the wife is a Jehova Witness but less active but they are occasionally listening to JH missionaries so that  sucks ha. They are really solid, but they are having a hard time praying about the Book of Mormon. Our other families are pretty new and hard to find so that is another obstacle but just read the scripture reference and it explains how I`m feeling.

This week I had two awesome meetings. Wednesday we had our trainers meeting with President and Thursday we had our Zone Meeting. In the trainers it was awesome, I left there with a completely different outlook on my mission. Just erasing fear with faith. Thursday as always zone meetings get me pumped too. It was pretty much an extension of the trainers meeting erasing fear with faith and enjoying my time being a missionary having fun! Then on Thursday I had divisions with another missionary Elder De Leon from the Dominican Republic, it was a pretty fun day with him too. His Spanish is so much clearer than my comp`s so I loved that part ha I didn`t have to ask him to repeat everything he said. On Friday we had a cool experience too. We were just walkin from Angela`s house to another lesson and a silver van drove by and layed on the horn. I thought it was maybe some white members visiting one of the beaches but about three minutes later we hear someone yell ELDERS!! we turned around and it was President Glazier and his family! His son and family are visiting him for spring break. So we took a quick picture with them and they gave us a juice and some m&ms. I chugged the juice but gave the m&ms to some kids, made their day haha.

Oh we also had our house inspection this week. So our District Leader came over on Saturday and somehow we passed ha. He was like wow I`m really suprised at how clean this house is way to go guys. I know it`s not clean at all and I didn`t believe him at all when he said I gave him some candy to help us out there too haha I think it worked. This week was better with lessons too but just a little bit. We didn`t break 20. I feel pretty good if we get 20-25 lessons especially in this area cause it`s freakin huge haha. But anyways. Sounds like everything else is going kinda slow at home. And windy. Still no wind and no change in temperature here. Just freakin hot and humid all day all night. I can`t remember what a cloud looks like anymore haha jk. I still miss the snow though...long time till i see it again dang it. But thank you all for your prayers last week and all your help. I am doing much better now. I love you all so much and hope everyone is doing great and is taking time to read their scriptures everyday. Scriptures are the key to true happiness, just take the time to let them change you. I know this church is true and I love you all so much!!!

Elder Jorgensen

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