Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

The weeks just keep flyin by! And what a week this one was I dono where to begin but lets see Tuesday I went on splits with a Latino and holy cow that was tough communicating but actually we were able to get across everything we wanted to say and basically talked all day. His name is Elder Paniagua...bread and water hahaha I thought that was hilarious but anyways yeah we had lessons all day mostly with less actives but it was good. Then Wednesday I went back with Elder Hammond and we were back to doing work. This week we did a ton of lessons with less active members and it showed on Sunday, our attendance is usually around 70 and this week we had 120!! Yeah we are basically a couple of studs but its whatever ha-ha jk. The lessons are starting to get easier to follow though just sometimes Elder Hammond doesn't really tell me what he wants to do in the lessons so I show up and am a little lost at first but im able to kinda come back and follow along. we still aren't teaching many lessons from preach my gospel which is basically all I know how to do so that's why its kinda rough, but im workin. All of the members think im like 25 cause I guess I look really old cause of my jaw line or somethin is what I got outta their hand signals, and then my voice too ha-ha.

But this week somethin kinda bad happened.. I got pretty sick Friday and Saturday, I just had a lot of stomach problems and body aches and absolutely no energy so it was pretty rough but im startin to get better so that's good. I dono how I got sick cause my comp didn't get sick or anything. We need to be really careful though I guess denghai is starting to come up a lot here and one elder has it. and my ankles are always bitten every night even though I wear those yellow things on both ankles but whatever I will start tryin more stuff out to be careful of it.

We haven't done much service here yet on Saturday we tried to get like a 150 pound thing of bananas down from the tree and that was the biggest joke, most awkward thing ever. The tree was like 20 feet tall and was growing over some power lines so yeah just really frustrating and the only people there were us and the lady and then Hermano Nieto who is a mute so he can say sí and no and that's it so not much help for me but elder Hammond gets him. Anyways we tried for like an hour and a half and then had to give up and go do our lessons I felt bad but I was so tired and sick I was just like please hermana we gotta go and she was just like ok so that was that.

And not many new investigators this week. We actually had to drop Fernando the 14 year old who was ready for baptism cause the gangs were following him and his brother again so that was sad. And then Hermano Julio who is the drunk, we found out that he drank this Friday night and last Friday night so he lied to us. But he still comes to church and we see him every night or almost every night so hopefully we can keep him away from it cause i know he wants to change, Satan just has a tight grip on him. But this week we have a lesson planned with a new family we contacted and we feel pretty good about it so fingers are crossed. Oh yeah this week my comp did some bus preaching so next time we do that its my turn he said..super scary huh ha im way nervous..but that way isn't the most effective its just an easy way to get a lot of LPEs.

I think that about covers my week though..glad im talkin to you guys right now haha pretty sweet but hey this week read in third Nephi about Christ's ministry in the Americas and really focus on chapter 18 I think about the sacrament and how important it is. its pretty awesome! but I love you all and am praying always!

¡Que Dios les bendiga!

Elder Jorgensen

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