Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 13, 2012

Wow another week down already! I seriously cant believe its been a week since i was sittin here emailing but anyways this week was pretty crazy. Not a whole lot of sweet stories except  my trainers and another kid in our house hit there year mark, so we ordered pizza hut!!! Holy crap that made me miss American food haha but it was cool. This week we dominated in lessons, we had 19 lessons with members present and 5 new invesitigators found and 140 lpe (street contacts) so yeah we were busy. My companion talks about home a lot and it kinda makes me mad cause then i just start thinking about home and im like dangit dude. But its alright we still get along really good.

So our house i guess i didnt talk about it last week but its supposedly like one of the biggest houses in the mission besides the assistants house. Coulda fooled me though our bedroom fits two twin beds and two of my luggage bags and thats it not a single thing else, then our kitchen is a sink and like two feet of counter space and we have another table set up too. oh and that spacious mini fridge haha. then theres the other zone leaders rooms and our bathroom which is pretty fancy ha but not really. Dont get me wrong though im not complaining at all cause ive seen the members houses, or tin shacks and so i know how good we have it and how blessed we are to live in America.

This week my trainer has tried to involve me more in the lessons so that was helpful cause i felt like my spanish was starting to slow down a lot and it was when i started talkin, so embarassing haha. But im tryin and prayin, i can understand a little more of what people are sayin but talkin or speakin will take a lot longer. sorry my typing and grammar is not that good in all my emails ha but anyways im doin really good.

We had to postpone our baptism we had from last saturday cause he used to drink coffee, he's 12. But he has no problems with anything its just a mission rule you have to wait a month after you keep all the commandments and word of wisdom stuff like that. Then we found an alcoholic this week he was a reference from someone i dono who. But he has a wife and she was baptized when she was 8 but never active and they have 2 kids. So anyways we went over and talked to him didnt even really have a lesson he just shared with us his desires to quit drinking and since that day he has gone almost 8 days without drinking which is amazing because he was drunk all the time and he came to church on sunday with his family!! They looked like some of the best members in the ward so hopefully they keep it up! Then we have one other kid Fernando he is 14 and has had some problems with the gangs i wont go into detail but i couldnt even begin to imagine living his life, its rough but his date is set for later this month so thats awesome! Oh and our church attendance this week was even lower than last week we had 67... but i guess like 20 go to the other ward cause they like the people better and the time better, ours starts at 8.

The weather here has been way nice its been cloudy but not rainy so it only gets like right around 90 except its a lot more humid and kinda rainy off and on during the day. We walked just barely under 50 miles this week but im countin more like 60 because the hills are freakin ridiculous!! Pictures just dont do them justice ha. Last week i sent letters to nate and kaulin but i had a different address for nate so i dono if he will get it and im mad cause it was like a four page letter. But anyways sounds like home is same old same old which is good ha keep that list goin of movies and music i have to watch and listen to.

The food has been decent im currently at 31 pupusas so i should eat just a couple thousand on the mish ha. But anything you wanna send, more granola bars and stuff cause some nights we dont have dinners planned and my companion isnt big into making anything or buying groceries really for dinner so i eat like 6 bars and some poptarts ha. I have a feeling i will be a trainer of my area when i get done with training cause my comp has been here for almost 10 months so im freakin out right now about that haha. Just where everything is and stuff and lessons and the language! So thats a little scary but i know the Lord will help me with everything i stand in need of if i am obedient. Thats about all i got goin on now though i love you and pray for you always. ¡Que Dios le bendiga!

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