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November 5, 2012

Saying good bye to Elder Hammond

Painting the fence

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I can`t believe how fast time goes by, no complaints though! We had a great week here in El Salvador! We were able to set a few more dates so hopefully these next three or four weeks in a row I`ll be sending some pictures home of some people dressed in white!! All of our lessons were good though, the ones that we did have. I think we taught about 15 lessons or so to investigators, probably my lowest yet but we just couldn`t find people so that was kinda hard for me little discouraging at times. But my companion is still really good, still learning words everyday, not as many as I want, but it`s coming ha. But he helps me out a lot and is patient with me even when I`m not patient with myself so that really helps me. The mission is definitely tough, but I wouldn`t want it to be easy.

Not a whole lot of way fun stuff happened though this week, I forgot it was Halloween this week until we got a phone call from President saying we need to be in the house two hours earlier than usual so that was kinda weird. I didn`t think it got too crazy but I guess I don`t really know ha. We wanted to do somethin fun that night but didn`t have much to do ha. We found some uno cards and Elder LeSueur`s companion had the fake snow stuff, so things got pretty crazy in the house. We had a small snowball fight outside on our patio, until I got hit with a big one in the face, so I got ticked they ran inside and I followed em in throwing some big handfulls ha. Surprisingly it wasn`t too big of a mess, and better news I didn`t have to clean it up haha. But it was a good time. On Tuesday we had 6 teachers and deacons leave with us, and I will never ever ever do that again ha one is fine but you get em all together and they aren`t focussed at all and just start playing and even during our lessons they weren`t being reverent, kinda ticked me off. And we walked like 9 or so miles that day in the part of our area called Cerro, hill. So they were complaining about that too, ha big mess. Anyways back to important mission stuff....uhmm. Yep ha.

I`m still doing great though. My back still hurts a little bit but I`m kinda sleeping better sometimes so thats good. Haven`t been getting sick though so that`s probably the thing I`m most grateful for cause that would suck to be sick. And I`m eating a lot better now too ha. I set up dinner appointments for us every night, very excited about that haha. But everything here is about the same, weather all that, it`s weird to me it`s already November, cause I haven`t felt the change at all like back home? Have you guys had your first snow yet? Really gonna miss snowboarding! But that`s alright I`m blessed for being here and I wouldn`t change it for anything. I love you all and thank you for your thoughts and prayers always.



Elder Derrick Jorgensen

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