Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!

Hope all is well at home and everyone is doing good! We had another really good week here. About the earthquake real fast, it was probably the longest one I have felt here it lasted a good 20 seconds but wasn`t too big. I think it did more stuff in ¨Guatemala, but my companions family is all good and safe. We had a good week here and it was way fun too. Last Tuesday we were up in the top of our area with the guy in our ward who is a mute, can`t talk, read, or write but he was showing us around cause I had never been up that far with Elder Hammond but anyways he showed us around and showed us a couple natural fresh water holes. I didn`t drink out of em but he did, and he is still alive so that`s how I know they were clean haha. But that was kinda cool to see that, definitely didn`t think I would see clean water in this country ha.


This week was good though. We made a lot of progress with all of our investigators and if all goes well these next three Saturday`s will have a baptism scheduled. So I`m very excited for that! Last month was my first month without a baptism kinda weird..But everything is going great. I am loving my comp he is a great guy and really helps me learn Spanish, I definitely speak it better now, like more fluidly, just still limited on vocabulary but I `m working on that ha. But he helps me and we have been working hard though, different from Elder Hammond and some things are good about that and others not so much. This week I also got to go on changes with Elder LeSueur so that was awesome. Probably the funniest day of my mission, we had a great time. A lot of the appointments we had fell through though, actually everything besides dinner fell through so that was kinda discouraging but we found a couple less actives to visit. He gave me some great advice and motivation though, great friend definitely want to keep in touch with him after the mish.


I`m still learning a ton everyday. From the scriptures and from the people. It`s amazing how the scriptures come to life down here in El Salvador, every story you can find down here. All the bad people, all the good people, all the strong members, and all the members who have become too proud to realize how much the Lord has given them. Every day I`m excited to read from the scriptures and I hope it can be like that for me after the mish too. If a person really studies the scriptures the Spirit of Heavenly Father will always be with them.


Still have yet to receive those packages, we might go to the office today though, so hopefully they are there! Also I`m gonna look today for a camera and a voice recorder cause that would be sweet. And a lot easier than typing emails. Well that`s about all for this week I love you all so much and pray for you always. Thank you friends and family for your examples to me and your thoughts and prayers. And I`m glad to know everyone is doing good at home.




Love,Elder Derrick Jorgensen

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