Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10, 2012

¡Que Onda!

 I can`t believe my first six weeks in El Salvador are already over. Looking back I`ve changed so much already and I`m so excited to see what the Lord has planned for me for the rest of the mish! Most likely after the next six weeks I will be I`m already nervous about that haha. This week was a great week though! It started off way good on Tuesday when I got TWO PACKAGES from you guys! Everything in them was awesome and nothing had been opened or touched or anything so that was awesome! And I`ve eaten everything except the potatoes I gotta save those bad boys for a special occasion haha. But then I also got letters from Grandma and another letter so this week was great to hear from people! Thank you all so much!

We had another good week though. I had a couple of tough moments with the language I just need to stop getting mad at myself and remember to have patience and trust in the Lord always but it is definitely getting better than when I first got here. This week we had some good lessons though very powerful lessons with all of our investigators except Julio. He had a very tough week and has drank I think four nights last week so not very successful and he didn`t come to church either. So hopefully this new week we will be able to start fresh and ready to re commit him to live the way he needs to in order to get baptized. But our other two investigators are progressing very good! Fautima and Jocelin, I gave about half of those crystal light things or whatever to her because she likes coffee so I made her promise with me to stop if I gave her some of those things. So far so good. Both of their baptismal dates are for the 29th of this month! So keep them in your prayers. And we also found one more kid while we were bus preaching, a nineteen year old kid. He seems very receptive and asked if he could come to church with us during our first lesson! We were like well heck yeah you can! And he brought his dad to church too! We dono about his dad but he is very interested and receptive. And after our first lesson we asked him to say the closing prayer and usually people pray kinda weird here or not at all, well not him! His prayer was so heartfelt. And he asked Heavenly Father to make these things known to him if they are true. I know he will get baptized as long as he makes and keeps commitments, which will just depend on if he reads from the Book of Mormon. Which reminds me I finished Primero Nefí just yesterday! So that was pretty cool too.

Other than those couple little things I really don`t have much to tell ya this week. Oh one day me and Elder Leseur made pancakes, he is one of the zone leaders that lives with us, very funny kid. Anyways we made about ten pancakes in just under an hour and fifteen minutes so that was fantastic! haha Our little portable stove doesnt get very hot but they were dang good. Oh we added up our numbers from the first six weeks and we did 1001 LPE`s or street contacts! So that was pretty cool. Elder Hammond said him and one of his companions made a goal to do 1000 in twelve weeks and they only got like 700 and somethin which isn`t bad but we just did really good. So we have set the bar high for ourselves. Hopefully we can keep the work up!  Sorry I dont have a whole lot to write about but thank you for everything all your prayers and support.

I love you all! Que Dios le bendiga!

Elder Jorgensen

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